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Maritime Law Litigation

Maritime law also commonly known as Admiralty Law is an independent law body that governs a variety of disputes related o marine.

Our Law firm has made a wide range of representations of its client’s in several Seaman’s injuries under the Jones Act. Some of the cases include water pollution claims, operation, construction and re-building disputes, vessel financing, oil spills, commercial or contractual claims including charter parties, maritime liens, cargo carriage disputes and many other maritime disputes.

The law firm’s maritime lawyers have a wealth of knowledge that is broad when it comes to this area of law. Their qualifications include advanced degrees and have specialized designations in maritime law.

With such high-level of knowledge, our lawyers have made substantial-resolution achievements in maritime disputes in the interest of hundreds of our clients.

They include:

  • A wrongly fired ship captain who after firing was denied the completion bonus and his wages by the vessel owner.
  • Many crew members who have sustained disabling personal injuries, on “brown water” or on ocean-going vessels.
  • Numerous dock workers and crew members with claims related to multiple unseaworthy conditions while aboard the ship, hazardous conditions in shipboard and on deck, and during loading and unloading ships.
  • A shipowner who lost his ship and all the cargo on-board after it sunk as a result of negligence during loading and securing of the cargo.
  • A number of pollution claims due to oil escaping from a sunken vessel.
  • Claims due to loss of either recreational or commercial vessels that are related to vessel hull, poor workmanship or defective designs.
  • Claims for a window and her family after a commercial seaman drowned when a ship he was working on capsized and sank. It also involved a passenger/mariner who sustained injuries due to negligence during a rescue attempt in the same accident.
  • Numerous inland crew members who have sustained injuries while on push boats.
  • Claims for offshore oil-related work for many seamen that work on vessels.
  • One of the top-notch lawsuit filed by The Lanier Law Firm was representing Louisiana workers and residents that were affected during the highly announced BP oil spill as a result of the Deep Water Horizon explosion. 

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