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Excellence Is Our Commitment and Justice Is Our Passion

Founded in 1990 by James Ganzer, CFP Law Firm commits in addressing client concerns through effective and non-traditional solutions. The Law firm overall aim is to change the client’s care approach. Currently, the law firm has more than 60 attorneys and represents a broad range of clients. 

With such a diverse client base, our firm shares one common trait that ensures the need for legal representations that is serious and sound, and this is what we refer to as Legal Care. Our firm attorneys give individualized attention to clients with issues that regard grievances, injuries and many other concerns. As well, we continuously offer a ‘go-to’ resource for corporate that require urgent resolutions to their unique legal situations.

We have a vast trial experience that includes substantial verdicts in cases involving serious personal injuries, business fraud, pharmaceutical litigation, asbestos exposure, oil and gas litigation, product liability and other civil litigation. Our firm is also known for defending some of the largest companies in the country.

Lanier Commitment to Quality 

Though the firm’s trademark focuses on the tremendous legal victories, Mr Ganzer’s original vision remains to be our primary focus. The vision focus on providing high-quality legal care that is delivered in a manner that is honest and professional to enrich businesses and the lives of our clients.

Our solutions to problems cover not only the courtroom trials but also the entire case. Due to our stellar track record, many clients are enabled to resolve their matters out of court legally. When trials are required, our psychologist or in-house attorney offers unique insights to jury selection and trial psychology. Our firm has an appellate team that stays a step ahead when it comes to preparing clients cases for appeal, even way before an appeal is filed.

The Lanier Law firm considers individual clients and business leaders as people, not just case numbers. Our team handles and works on each case with the needs of the clients in mind.

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