Offshore jobs including those on natural gas platforms, oil rigs, and even other locations are quite risky. The chances of getting involved in accidents are pretty high. If you or anyone you know has got hurt while working in an offshore job then you must seek the help of a maritime injury lawyer. You deserve compensation for your sufferings and only a maritime injury lawyer can help you get the same. If your case happens around Asia, it is best to consult a law firm in Singapore as most of the reputable lawyers comes from that country.

You surely would want to know what exactly maritime law is and when it is the right time to seek the services of a maritime lawyer. Well, this is exactly what we shall now help you discover.

The Maritime Laws

Admiralty Laws or Maritime Laws as it also is known as are those laws that have been created for maritime workers. It has been formulated to help these workers in case they get injured or lose their lives while working.

If any employee dies or is hurt because of the carelessness of the employer then the Admiralty Laws will help prove them guilty. To help you understand things further we shall now discuss three important claims/acts relating to maritime injuries – Death on High Seas Act, Jones Act claims, and Longshore Claims.

Death on High Seas Act

This act was enacted in 1920 to offer financial compensation to the families of shipmen who lost their lives while performing their duties at sea, because of the negligence of the employer or something like that. According to this act, the spouses, or family will get compensation only if the accident occurred because of carelessness and it happened beyond 3 miles offshore.

Jones Act

If any employee is injured while on duty because of the carelessness of the employer, then they are protected by the Jones Act. The carelessness mention here covers risky working areas, lack of proper training, too much work, and absence of the necessary safety gear. It has been calculated that most of the maritime accidents are a result of some sort of carelessness.

Longshore Claims

The Longshore Claims have been created to safeguard those maritime workers who work on the land but it does have a connection to an offshore job. Jones Act had been created just keeping in mind the needs and safety of offshore seamen. Thus, the Longshore Claims was formulated so that those workers whose safety was not covered by the Jones Act could also get justice.

What Can Be Stated To Be A Maritime Injury?

The maritime industry involves high risks and injuries and accidents happen every now and then. But, the truth also is that mishaps can be prevented. It is the duty and responsibility of employers to ensure that their employees work in a safe environment. If they cannot provide such safety then they will be held accountable for the accidents and injuries that take place.

You have the right to claim compensation if you suffer from injuries due to any such reason including collisions, falls, slips, diving and fishing related accidents, inhaling something harmful, and chemical-related burns and so on.

You may have experienced an injury due to one of the above-mentioned reasons but still cannot understand if it was indeed a result of employer carelessness. Well, the employer can be held accountable if the injury happened because of – 

  • The work surface being wet
  • Equipment being defective
  • Absence of enough safety equipment
  • Power generation or an electrical problem
  • Improper ventilation
  • Not enough safety training

If you are aware of why did you suffer from an injury and if it is covered, it will be easy for you to decide if a maritime injury lawyer can prove to be of help.

Why Should You Consider Hiring a Maritime Injury Lawyer?

Land laws and maritime laws are not the same, and so if you are seriously interested in getting help, and really want to get compensation then you need the help of a maritime lawyer. With the experience and knowledge that they have, they will easily be able to help you get the compensation that you deserve. Be it cargo ship workers, merchant seamen or spouses or family members of those who suffered or passed away, a maritime injury lawyer can prove to be of great help.

To Conclude – 

Remember, even if your work environment involves great risks you still deserve to be safe and protected. And, the Maritime Laws have been created for your protection. It is thus essential for you to be aware of your rights and know what you can do in case you suffer from an injury.

Did you recently get injured in any offshore mishap? If yes, without any wait contact an attorney and get a free consultation as well as the best guidance.