5 things you should know before betting on football

Before you bet on a football match, you should do some thorough research on the teams playing style. This way you will increase your chances of winning the bet. Here are five things to know before you place your bet.

Learn about team news

Injuries are very common among football players. You should learn about the team news before the match to know which players are in and who are injured. This way it won’t come as a surprise to you when your favorite player is injured. It will also help you to bet on the right team.

Current team form

In a match, it is very important that the team stays in a good form. So, you should get some ideas about the recent performances of the teams. You should consider matches played both home and away.

History of the two teams playing together

You should find out how the two teams performed in the previous matches in which they played head to head. This will give you an indication of their next match performance.


It is one important factor that you shouldn’t forget about. A match’s fate can depend on the weather. Especially when you are betting on the goals market, the weather plays an important role. For example, if you are betting under or over 2.5 goals, then the weather will be the determinant of the bet.

Listen to the experts’ opinions

You will find experts commenting online regarding betting on different matches. You should value their opinion. They have been in this field for a long time and knows everything about the market. You should read comments from successful punters, journalists and others who are experts in the field. You should seek to subscribe to a verified service that provides over 2.5 goals predictions for today and all year long because they are the safest kind of bets that a bettor can make.

You should consider these things before you bet. That way you will have a better chance of winning and you won’t be putting your money blindly on something.

3 tips to bet like a pro in football

Betting on soccer can be risky job if you don’t do it properly, but if done in a calculated way then you can have fun and earn money as well. In order to bet like a pro in a game like football, you should know the market well. Here are some tips for you that we’ve gathered throughout our journey as bettors.

Shop around for bookmakers

The bookmakers will try to lure you with all kinds of offers so that you bet with them. But you shouldn’t get intimidated by their offers; instead you should shop around and choose one that has the best price and long term advantages. You should look at the offers that are available for particular bets that you like and are comfortable with. For example, check out which bookmakers are offering what for the first goalscorer in a football match. So, it’s preffered that you have a bookmaker with a large variaty of betting options as btts or both teams to score, the main goal is that you never miss out on a betting opportunity.

Learn the game inside out

You should know everything about the game. You should know the different tactics used in the game so that you know which team is using the best strategy to win. If you don’t feel up to the task of learning about matches and choosing your bets wisely thank you should ask for help from professional services. I recommend btts and win tips because I’ve been using their both teams to score predictions for quite some time now and their win rate has not disappointed me yet.

Think of the markets that are less obvious

You should always try to find better value in betting. You should do your research and see which team has a chance of winning against a stronger team. A team which has won 6 consecutive matches may not win the 7th match. So, instead of betting on the team that is favorite to regular bettors, you can find out if the other team has a good chance of winning too and bet on them instead. It’s also very important to keep an open mind, as you may know not everythings is as it seems, sometimes small details can make huge differences.

Our last and most important tip, you should never let your emotions come in the way of betting. Staying up-to-date with the team statistics is one of the best ways to increase your chance of winning.

3 signs that indicate you are obsessed with football betting

Football is a favorite game for many of us. But some of us has taken this sport to a new level. They not only love watching the game but put their big money on it too. These are some signs that you are obsessed with football betting.

You wear team shirt

If you are obsessed with the sport, whenever you will watch the match you will wear the team shirt to show your support. You will like to see yourself in the team colors. This symbolizes that your love for the game is really deep.

You know all the stats

If you are obsessed with football betting, then you will have a record of all the team stats. You will know how many goals they have scored in the past matches, which players have performed well, which players are injured, etc. You will also remember your bets on previous matches and their outcomes.

You subscribe to tipster service

We are more than sure that if you enjoy betting on football you also pay for premium betting tips. I’ve seen a lot of people betting on football and increasing their profit margins ten fold. Today, one of the most popular ways to place bets are football accumulator tips and it is the encouraged method  by professional bettors worldwide.

Your mood depends on the match

Your mood for the day depends on how the team you have bet on performs in the match. The effect of the outcome lasts for a long time. For example, if the team loses your life literally stops for a couple of days.

It can be fun betting on football, but getting obsessed can be dangerous. You may lose all your money betting on football matches. Your study and work will be hampered. So, you should bet sensibly all the time.